Open from 7PM-10PM on the following dates,

October 6th
October 13th
October 20th
October 26th & 27th

October 31 - Halloween Night


 Haunted House General Admission: $10 Per person

 Psycho Circus General Admission:  $6 Per Person

 Combo (Entrance into both attractions): $15 Per Person

 VIP Admission (front of line access to both attractions): $20 per person

 Tickets available at the gate

 Questions?  Call 738-2759

 729 Douglas St.

 Elko,  NV

  • The Forgotten Cemetery2:24
  • Path To The Gate2:19
  • Graveyard Stroll1:42
  • Empty Vases2:08
  • Unrested Spirits2:00
  • The Apparition1:35
  • Beyond The Crypt1:43
  • The Hidden Tomb1:53
  • Lullaby Of The Dead1:58
  • The Dead Are Listening1:55
  • The Mausoleum2:12
  • As The Fog Rolls In1:32
  • Awakening2:05
  • Summoning1:51
  • The Other Side2:07
  • Rising Souls2:14
  • Escape From The Cemetery1:38
  • Till We Meet Again2:19