• The Forgotten Cemetery2:24
  • Path To The Gate2:19
  • Graveyard Stroll1:42
  • Empty Vases2:08
  • Unrested Spirits2:00
  • The Apparition1:35
  • Beyond The Crypt1:43
  • The Hidden Tomb1:53
  • Lullaby Of The Dead1:58
  • The Dead Are Listening1:55
  • The Mausoleum2:12
  • As The Fog Rolls In1:32
  • Awakening2:05
  • Summoning1:51
  • The Other Side2:07
  • Rising Souls2:14
  • Escape From The Cemetery1:38
  • Till We Meet Again2:19

For over 500 years evil spirits have roamed the world looking for a home. These spirits have settled in Elko to terrorize anyone brave enough to enter “Haunt” After Dark Haunted House. Haunt is a high fear haunted house attraction designed to tackle your most inner fears and phobias. With Hollywood movie style set design and state of the art special effects, it will be like walking through a real life horror movie. This aint your daddy’s haunted house.

Ladies and gentlemen, step right up and enter into a terrorizing world of evil clowns and demented circus entertainers. The Psycho Circus is a brand new haunted house attraction opening in October 2017. This haunted circus attraction introduces cutting edge technology and scare tactics never seen in a haunted house. These clowns are dying to show off their talents and mesmerize their victims with the greatest haunted show on earth. 

After Dark Haunted House

Psycho Circus