• The Forgotten Cemetery2:24
  • Path To The Gate2:19
  • Graveyard Stroll1:42
  • Empty Vases2:08
  • Unrested Spirits2:00
  • The Apparition1:35
  • Beyond The Crypt1:43
  • The Hidden Tomb1:53
  • Lullaby Of The Dead1:58
  • The Dead Are Listening1:55
  • The Mausoleum2:12
  • As The Fog Rolls In1:32
  • Awakening2:05
  • Summoning1:51
  • The Other Side2:07
  • Rising Souls2:14
  • Escape From The Cemetery1:38
  • Till We Meet Again2:19

Psycho Circus

Proceeds benefit the Boys and Girls Clubs of Elko and F.I.S.H.

After Dark Haunted House

Two High Fear Attractions

“HAUNT After Dark,” Nevada’s scariest haunted complex is terrorizing Elko this October. HAUNT is two high-fear interactive haunted attractions. HAUNT and After Dark Haunted House merged in 2016 to offer a redesigned and elevated haunt, to the bravest souls who dare to enter. Elko’s home-town haunted house has just transformed into your worst nightmare.